About Ted

There’s not much more to add after my initial blog post over here. Beyond that, here’s some basic info on me.

Stuff about me:

  • I’m a 38 year old web developer
  • I’m married with two kids, a 6yo boy and a nearly 2yo girl
  • When I’m not fat I love mountain biking
  • Even when I’m fat I love SCUBA diving
  • I especially love SCUBA diving in the Florida Keys
  • I like to eat way too much

That last one is why I’m here really.  Dieting is hard.  When I was couting calories, I still found ways to eat things that I enjoyed.  I’m expecting that on a low carb diet, I’ll be able to find lots of great tasty things to eat while I lose weight.  My plan is to share recipes and ideas on this blog as I find them.  I’ve lost all this weight once before, so I’m not a total novice.  I just hope that my experience can help somebody else along the way :)