My first week of a low carb diet.

The first week of this round of Low Carb is done (this round anyway, I’m no stranger to the low carb lifestyle).  It went really well, my body got into ketosis really quickly this time.  I thought that gave me a pass on “keto flu” during ketogenic induction, but it didn’t.  Even though my body jumped into burning fat instead of carbohydrates right away, I still had some headaches throughout the week.  All that is done now, all I’m left with is constant energy levels and a great menu plan (for a diet at least ;) ).

One huge win this week for me was finding low carb “cupcakes”.  They’re not actually cupcakes in the traditional sense, but bacon/egg/cheese cupcakes.  I saw them in a post in /r/keto and decided to give them a shot.  I can’t find the exact post now or I would link to it.  I’m going to make them again with my Digital SLR in hand next time to make a blog post about them.  They are great.  I had two for dinner last night, and two for breakfast this morning.  Each cupcake contains one piece of bacon, one egg, and some cheddar cheese – salt and pepper to taste.  I love these things!  I plan to make them by the dozen and refrigerate them so I can have easy zero carb breakfasts in seconds.  Just 45 seconds in the microwave and I’m transported to a baconny eggy cheesy heaven! :D

Oh, I lost about 5.5 pounds this week, while eating bacon, eggs, steak, ice cream, etc.  It’s been fun!