Do I need to eat fat while I’m in ketosis / on a ketogenic diet?

Obviously, eating very few carbs is how you get into ketosis.  Beyond that though, there there seems to be some confusion on this issue of dietary fat.  On the Dr. Berstein diet plan, you force your body into a stat of ketosis, making it metabolize stored fat for energy.  While on the plan, you eat a low calorie, VERY low fat diet.  This effectively (it would seem) makes your body consume only stored fat to power itself.  This explains how you can lose three to five pounds per week without lifting a finger! :D

Other schools of though (like /r/keto) suggest that to stay in a stat of ketosis, you need to ingest a  lot of fat.  In the /r/keto FAQ, we read “One of the importance of keeping a proper ratio is ensuring that your protein levels do not exceed that of fat in calories”.

Now, I’m a huge fan and active member of /r/keto.  I just don’t understand how the Dr. Bernstein diet can preach one way (no eating fat), and work.  And /r/keto can preach an opposite idea (eat lots of fat) and also work. I’m hoping that the ketogenic geniuses at /r/keto can explain it to me :)

I’ll update this post with a good answer when/if I get one :)

Edit:  Well that was fast!  Thanks to Rhesonance over at /r/keto!  I misunderstood the advice I read in the FAQ, my bad! :)   Eating 35% protein is suggested to keep your body from digesting muscle mass to get the protein it needs.  60% of your daily calories from fat is there to keep you feeling satisfied and not deprived while you lose weight.  This makes great sense to me.  I feel like I’m eating enough so I’m not tempted to cheat on the diet.  When I was counting calories I was eating a 1200 calorie per day diet.  This left me feeling pretty deprived.  As a result, I allowed myself a cheat day once a week to release some pressure.  This was OK, but often that cheat day would start the night before, and end up bleeding into the next day.  Saturday was my cheat day, and sometimes I would lose control and start on Friday night and roll right on through Sunday.  This left me playing catch-up every week.  On the ketogenic diet set out by /r/keto, I’m not feeling deprived, so I don’t mind not “cheating”.  For example, today is Saturday and would have been my cheat day.  I’m not missing it at all though, I had a large breakfast that filled me up and was well inside my meal plan at MFP.

Thanks again to Rhesonance!

TL;DR You don’t need to eat fat on a ketogenic diet, but if you do it’ll keep you feeling full and still allow you to lose weight without feeling deprived or starved.